Zombie Revenge: A House of the Dead Beat’em Up

Sega had a strategy for every console release. This strategy revolved around porting their arcade games to a new home console, which would help them build a library of arcade hits to try and drive people to buy the new console. They wanted to bring the arcade experience into the home. This worked for someContinue reading “Zombie Revenge: A House of the Dead Beat’em Up”

Best Beat’em Ups on the NES

The NES isn’t known for its beat’em ups. This genre is better known on the Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES, and arcades. However, several ports of 80s arcade games found their way to the NES. There were also a handful of beat’em ups made for the NES.  The 80s was a strange time for every genre ofContinue reading “Best Beat’em Ups on the NES”

Kung-Fu Heroes is a Simple but Fun Arcade Game

Kung-Fu Heroes is an adorable game! The character sprites are big and goofy looking. It is a unique style and looks great for an early NES game. This is a port of an Arcade game called Chinese Heroes, the first game in the Super Chinese series. It is a single-screen beat’em up game. You fightContinue reading “Kung-Fu Heroes is a Simple but Fun Arcade Game”