Best Beat’em Ups on the NES

The NES isn’t known for its beat’em ups. This genre is better known on the Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES, and arcades. However, several ports of 80s arcade games found their way to the NES. There were also a handful of beat’em ups made for the NES.  The 80s was a strange time for every genre ofContinue reading “Best Beat’em Ups on the NES”

Warsong, A Flawed and Extremely Frustrating Game

Warsong is a Tactical RPG for the Sega Genesis. It was originally released as Langrisser: The Descendants of Light. For some reason, the game was renamed Warsong when it was released in North America. The game is a hybrid of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. I wouldn’t say I like it that much, and IContinue reading “Warsong, A Flawed and Extremely Frustrating Game”

Jade Cocoon is more than a Pokemon Clone

Jade Cocoon is a game that I found through a video rental store called Family Video. I knew nothing about it but was interested in RPGs and took a chance. I found a spectacular RPG that felt like a cross between Princess Mononoke and Pokemon. There is more to it than that. Jade Cocoon doesContinue reading “Jade Cocoon is more than a Pokemon Clone”

Thousand Arms is a Quirky RPG and a Hidden Gem on the PS1

Thousand Arms is a very horny game. It ties in with the overall theme and mechanics of the game. To upgrade your weapons with different elemental powers, you must increase your relationship status with different women. It is one of the more anime-inspired games that I’ve played. It reminds me of DNA2, Ranma ½, andContinue reading “Thousand Arms is a Quirky RPG and a Hidden Gem on the PS1”