SNES Wrestling Games Ranked from Worst to Best

The wrestling games on the SNES look much better than the NES. Sadly, they don’t always play better than the NES games. Some of the games I was looking forward to were a big letdown, and I was surprised by a few of them. LJN published three games on the SNES; they all suffer fromContinue reading “SNES Wrestling Games Ranked from Worst to Best”

Natsume Championship Wrestling is Good, Not the Best

Natsume Championship Wrestling (NCW) is the game I was most looking forward to when I started playing the SNES wrestling games. It looks good, but I didn’t enjoy playing it. The controls took a long time to get used to. The game has a big roster, but those wrestlers don’t feel special. The roster feelsContinue reading “Natsume Championship Wrestling is Good, Not the Best”

WWF Super WrestleMania on the SNES is Disappointing

WWF Super WrestleMania was the first wrestling game published by LJN on the SNES. It isn’t good, but it does show you the direction these games were going in. It has the same control scheme as the other LJN games but leaves the stupid gauge out of the grapples. There isn’t much here. The controlsContinue reading “WWF Super WrestleMania on the SNES is Disappointing”

Best Rental Memories on the SNES

The SNES is one of the many consoles I missed in the early 90s. My family bought a PC instead of another console. Thankfully, a few of my friends had the Sega Genesis or the SNES. This was how I first played many of my favorite games. My friend Drew was the person I playedContinue reading “Best Rental Memories on the SNES”

The Best WWF Game on the SNES

WWF Royal Rumble plays like a better version of WWF Raw. The controls are better, the graphics are about the same, and the roster is about the same. The two games are very similar, but Royal Rumble is better. However, the same issues from WWF Raw are present in Royal Rumble. The characters play theContinue reading “The Best WWF Game on the SNES”