Citizen Sleeper has an Excellent Story, But Simple Gameplay

Citizen Sleeper is a unique Adventure-RPG. It has a fascinating story and a fascinating setting. I enjoyed exploring this world. The game has simplistic gameplay and graphics. You learn about the world you find yourself in through your character. Exploring the game’s world and following the story are what get you through it. While you’reContinue reading “Citizen Sleeper has an Excellent Story, But Simple Gameplay”

Lemon Cake is an Enjoyable game | Video Game Review

Lemon Cake is an enjoyable game that plays like a relaxed version of Overcooked. The characters aren’t anything special, but the gameplay and graphics are good for a game like this. In this game, you run a bakery that you randomly walked into. A ghost tells you about the place and walks you through theContinue reading “Lemon Cake is an Enjoyable game | Video Game Review”

Two-Point Campus | Review

Two Point Campus is a fun game that is an excellent follow-up to Two Point Hospital. These feel like the spiritual successors to Theme Park and Theme Hospital. I liked Theme Hospital, and the Two Point games remind me of those games. You take on a university’s campus administrator role in Two Point Campus. IContinue reading “Two-Point Campus | Review”

Blades of Steel | Yokoi Corner

Blades of Steel is the best hockey game on the NES, in my opinion. Ice Hockey is also excellent, but I like Blades of Steel more and have more memories of playing the game. The Game Boy version is an excellent port of the game, even if it feels easier than the NES version. ThisContinue reading “Blades of Steel | Yokoi Corner”

The Quarry, Not as Good as Until Dawn | Review

The Quarry is a horror game that uses quick-time events. If you have played Until Dawn, you will know how to play this game. You’re watching the game’s story play out before you; at times, you get to interact with the story. Failing these quick-time events will change how the story unfolds. You’re also givenContinue reading “The Quarry, Not as Good as Until Dawn | Review”

House of the Dead Remake | Review

There is a House of the Dead remake on the Switch. I’m a little conflicted about it. I like how it looks, but I’m not a fan of the controls. I’m a big House of the Dead fan! I love all rail shooters, but House of the dead holds a special place in my heart.Continue reading “House of the Dead Remake | Review”