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Two Point Campus is a fun game that is an excellent follow-up to Two Point Hospital. These feel like the spiritual successors to Theme Park and Theme Hospital. I liked Theme Hospital, and the Two Point games remind me of those games.

You take on a university’s campus administrator role in Two Point Campus. I know this sounds boring, but the game brings in a lot of humor that makes this game shine.

This is one game with a bunch of characters in it. It is a tycoon or simulation game that is fun to play. This is one of my favorite genres because you don’t have to worry about beating the game. You can just play it and smile at the absurdity.

TLDR: Two Point Campus is a humorous look at managing a university.


Like many tycoon and simulation games, you have to manage your money and the needs of the students and staff. It isn’t anything new or different. For the most part, indie games have been carrying the genre for a while now.

The game is set up on a school year timeline. You have the summer off—sort of. During the summer months, you can expand your school, create new classes, and improve existing ones.

These are all joke classes. It plays into the goofy nature of the games. They aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. It reminds me of those weird classes you might take during your last year of college.

Like if you have to return for a fifth year because you couldn’t get all of your required classes in the previous year. So instead of just taking one class, you fill your schedule with a bunch of crap like Latin Dance. Then you show up, and you’re the only guy in the class, and everyone is staring at you. I hope someone else has had this experience.

What Two Point Campus brings to the table is a great sense of humor. While creating classrooms for strange classes, there were random announcements that made me chuckle.

They poke fun at some at the college experience, how the staff feels about the students, and student debt. I found these funny at first, but after a few hours, they did get a bit repetitive. I still find them funny, but I wanted to point this out.

Similar to games like Rimworld and Prison Architect, you can follow some characters. When you click on a student or teacher, you can see what they want, need, or how they’re doing in class.

You can also expel students and fire staff this way. I didn’t do that even though one of these little bastards somehow failed his science class! He attended every class, and he was still failing! This isn’t high school; get your act together!

Yes, I did yell at them a few times. I’m getting grumpier in my old age.


The visuals aren’t going to blow you away. This is a cartoonish and goofy-looking game. I think it works well for Two Point Campus.

If you played Two Point Hospital or Theme Hospital, that is what the graphics look like. The graphics don’t need to be fantastic for a game like this. They need to be fun!

The art style isn’t going to be for everyone. However, it works very well for the game, and it makes me feel like I’m playing a game like Theme Hospital.

8.5/10. Two Point Campus is a fun game with a lot of charm and humor.


So far, I think Two Point Campus is a great game. It might be nostalgia clouding my judgment, but I was enjoying it.

It is a goofy game that has a lot of fun stuff in it. I like following the students and seeing what they do during the school year—also getting upset with some of them and debating on expelling them. I might have gotten drunk with power while playing this.

I’m looking forward to playing more of it and seeing what else Two Point does.

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