Five Books for Summer Reading

Many books about video games have been released in the last decade. I’ve been reading many of them over the last five years. There have been some good books and some not-so-good ones. It can be hard to know where to start regarding books about video games. There are novels, historical books, and autobiographies. ItContinue reading “Five Books for Summer Reading”

Q*Bert Game Boy Color | Yokoi Corner

Q*Bert on the Game Boy Color is a strange port. My major issue with it is the control scheme. They tried to replicate the control scheme of the arcade game, and I think they pulled it off once I got used to it. TLDR: Q*Bert on the Game Boy Color is a good arcade gameContinue reading “Q*Bert Game Boy Color | Yokoi Corner”

Review of Creating Q*Bert by Warren Davis

This was one of the better books from a game developer. Warren has lived a very interesting life and made some very unique games. He’s made some bizarre games as well. Even when they weren’t as successful, he learned something from his work on them. I learned quite a bit about the games Warren workedContinue reading “Review of Creating Q*Bert by Warren Davis”