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Q*Bert on the Game Boy Color is a strange port. My major issue with it is the control scheme. They tried to replicate the control scheme of the arcade game, and I think they pulled it off once I got used to it.

TLDR: Q*Bert on the Game Boy Color is a good arcade game port. The controls take some time to get used to.


I couldn’t find much information on the Game Boy Color port. It was released in 2000 in North America. It was developed by Pipe Dream Interactive and published by Hasbro. That’s it.

This game is closer to the 1999 PlayStation game. It is different from that version but carries over some of the weirdness added to the PS1 game.

After looking into the game a bit more, I can see the similarities. They’re both excellent versions of the game and tried to expand the world of Q*Bert a bit. This was probably a good idea because Q*Bert didn’t have much of a reason for Q*Bert to be doing what he was doing in the arcade game.


There are two modes and two playable characters in this game. I don’t think the game needed a second playable character, but it is nice that it’s there.

The arcade mode is nice, and the game is very colorful. The second mode is an adventure; I think you’re trying to rescue other Q*Berts or something. There is no story, so each mode plays basically the same.

There are two options on how you want to control the game. You can roll the dice using a standard D-pad, which makes it harder to control Q*Bert. With the diagonal scheme, you must press two directions to move on the playfield.

I think the diagonal scheme works better, but it still takes a while to get used to. With time, it is an enjoyable version of the game. It will just take some time to get used to.

While trying to learn the controls, I jumped off the playfield a few times. It got a little annoying, but I did get used to it as I kept playing.

The little rainbow-colored disks are in the game. These are nice as they are sometimes your only chance to avoid enemies.


This is a very colorful game. The levels look a little different, and the layouts are challenging.

To make up for the small screen of the Game Boy Color, the screen will scroll a little up and down. This can hide some hazards at times. I found myself jumping off the playfield or getting hit by an enemy because I couldn’t see below me.

I did get used to this over time.


This is one of those games that requires you to keep playing and learn from your mistakes. It’s a lot like other arcade games in this way. At least you don’t need to waste quarters on extra lives here!

7.5/10. This is a fun port of the arcade game. It does try to add more to the game, but it doesn’t go above and beyond to make it different.


  • It is a good version of the arcade game.
  • You can switch between two control schemes.
  • Adds an adventure mode to give you something else to do.


  • It has a frustrating control scheme that takes time to adjust.
  • Visibility is an issue.
  • It is easy to jump off the playfield.


If you’re looking for a way to play Q*bert on the go, and don’t have the black and white Game Boy version, then this is your best option. It does an excellent job of recreating the arcade games.

This might not be for everyone. I feel that they tried to put more effort into it than the Mr. Do! port. I wish I had the black and white Game Boy game for comparison.

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