Best Shoot’em Ups on the SNES

Shooters, Shoot’em ups, or Shmups were a staple of the 80s and 90s. Many of the arcade games from this period were brought to the home console. Some made improvements to the arcade design, while most were straight ports of the arcade games. The SNES isn’t the system I associate with the genre. Even inContinue reading “Best Shoot’em Ups on the SNES”

The Best Shoot’em Up on the SNES

Area 88 is a side-scrolling shooter based on a Manga and Anime series. It takes place in a fictional Middle Eastern country experiencing a civil war. The manga and the two anime adaptations have different endings. While researching this, I watched the 1985 anime, whose ending is left open-ended. Shin returns to Area 88 toContinue reading “The Best Shoot’em Up on the SNES”