Heavy Barrel, A Shoot’em Up Hidden Gem

Run and Gun shooters are a somewhat forgotten subgenre of shooters. You don’t see too many modern games emulating this style of gameplay. When I think of this group of games, I think about Commando and Contra. Heavy Barrel is one of the games that I didn’t know about until I started collecting video games.Continue reading “Heavy Barrel, A Shoot’em Up Hidden Gem”

Best Shoot’em Ups on the NES

Shooters, Shoot’em ups, or Shmups were one of the staples of the arcade era. Many of these games were ported to the NES and other home consoles. They were some of the more memorable games I remember on the NES. When I began collecting NES games in the 90s, I came across many games IContinue reading “Best Shoot’em Ups on the NES”