Bubble Bobble 2, Should have been better | Yokoi Corner

If you like Bubble Bobble, then you will like Bubble Bobble 2. Well, it’s actually called Bubble Bobble part 2, but I will keep calling it Bubble Bobble 2. It is essentially the same game but has a story to it. Does the story matter? No, it doesn’t. However, it is nice to have itContinue reading “Bubble Bobble 2, Should have been better | Yokoi Corner”

Bubble Bobble | Yokoi Corner

Bubble Bobble is one of the games that I never played until I started collecting games. I liked the NES version of the game and was looking forward to trying this version. On an unrelated note, Bubble Bobble 2 on the Game Boy was cheaper than the NES version when I last checked. This isContinue reading “Bubble Bobble | Yokoi Corner”