10 Scary Genesis Games to give you Goosebumps

Horror is one of my favorite genres. While I associate horror games with the PS1, several creepy games have been on the 8 and 16-bit consoles. I don’t think these are scary, but they have a horror theme and atmosphere. I was a little surprised when I went through all of my Genesis games. PredatorContinue reading “10 Scary Genesis Games to give you Goosebumps”

Strange, Quirky, and Awesome! ToeJam & Earl

ToeJam and Earl is an adventure game focused on exploration and avoidance. It was very different from the other games I had played in the early 90s, and it was a ton of fun to play with my friends. This is one of the games that made me want a Sega Genesis. The two alienContinue reading “Strange, Quirky, and Awesome! ToeJam & Earl”

Best Games on the NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System has a decent size library. Between 700 and 800 games were released for the console, depending on what you want to include. There were several unlicensed games made for the NES and some region-specific games. I wouldn’t say I like all of the games, and I’m sure no one likes everyContinue reading “Best Games on the NES”

Best Retro RPGs

I’ve played many role-playing games (RPGs) over the years. My favorite sub-genre is Tactical RPGs. I’m not sure why this genre pulled me in, but I can thank games like Final Fantasy and Dark Sun for getting me into RPGs. Then Final Fantasy VII was released, and it seemed like RPGs became very popular! InContinue reading “Best Retro RPGs”